Don't Miss a Thing

Don't Miss a Thing

Keep an eye on things with surveillance cameras in Reading, Quarryville & Lancaster, PA

You can't be everywhere at once. Fortunately, Llomar Alarm Company, Inc can be your eye in the sky. We'll install surveillance cameras throughout your home or business so you can oversee every room.

Some cameras are interfaced with your burglar alarm while others are standalone. You can even get a license plate camera set up. This helps you identify any cars that pass through.

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You can count on us to handle your surveillance camera installation

Setting up surveillance cameras yourself can be a pain. If you make the slightest mistake, you could be dealing with malfunctioning cameras or even damage to your electrical system. We'll take care of the surveillance camera installation at your home or business.

We can set up 15 to 20 cameras throughout your property. You don't have to leave any corner unmonitored. Our cameras include both audio and video components. You'll be able to see and hear everything going on at your residential or commercial location.

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