Be Alerted During a Fire

Be Alerted During a Fire

Keep everyone safe with our fire alarm systems in Reading, Quarryville & Lancaster, PA and surrounding areas

If there's a fire in your home or building, you want to be alerted immediately so you can evacuate everyone. The fire alarm systems that Llomar Alarm Company, Inc installs are dependable and effective. At the first sign of smoke, they'll go off.

While we specialize in monitored commercial fire alarms, we also offer residential fire alarm installation. Our fire alarms allow you to keep everyone in your household safe even when you are not home. Our system will call your house at the first signs of a fire, if you are not home, no problem, our system has the ability to dispatch the fire department. There are other benefits to having a fire alarm system. A fire alarm in your home:

  • Wakes you up in case of a fire
  • Gives you peace of mind
  • Alerts your family during emergencies
  • 24/7 monitored smoke detectors

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Set up a fire alarm installation throughout your building

By arranging for a fire alarm installation, you're taking an important step toward keeping yourself and those around you safe. Putting fire alarms in your office building ensures that every employee will know immediately in the event of a fire.

We monitor your sprinkler systems when they go off and we notify the fire department. Water damage can be worse than the fire. Our priority is detecting smoke before the sprinklers go off.

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