Stop Intruders in Their Tracks

Stop Intruders in Their Tracks

Set up motion sensor alarms in Reading, Quarryville & Lancaster, PA

Don't let thieves slip into your home or business undetected. Llomar Alarm Company, Inc installs hardwired or wireless door window sensors to provide you with a solid perimeter system so you can be alerted as soon as someone tries to enter your home. We back up the perimeter system with motion sensor or glass break detectors so you can be alerted immediately in the event of a burglary.

We can set up burglar alarm systems on all of your ground-floor windows and doors. We'll also set up a perimeter system so you can be alerted the second someone sets foot on your property. We can even integrate your smoke alarms into your burglar alarms.

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Burglar alarms let you know when someone is trespassing

Nothing is more frightening than the idea of a stranger invading your home while you and your children sleep. By setting up burglar alarms, you can stay sharp and shut down burglaries.

These alarms come with an app you can control from your phone. You'll be able to turn the system on and off, and you'll receive a test message to let you know who has entered your home and how long they've been there. You can give friends and neighbors a special code if they need to get into the house and disarm the system.

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